Phil Archer joined the W3C staff after many years representing one of its member organisations. Chair of the first Incubator Group, a lightweight mechanism for developing new ideas for the Web, he went on to chair the POWDER Working Group whose standards form part of the Semantic Web technology suite. Alongside this work he was an original member of the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group and was editor or acknowledged contributor to 6 of that group’s publications. Although he continues to be involved with the mobile Web,

Phil’s primary focus since 2010 has been on eGovernment and open data. In particular he works on improving interoperability between data sets whilst advocating the principles and return on investment available through the open data movement. As well as work at the W3C, his career has encompassed broadcasting, teaching, linked data publishing, copy writing, and, perhaps incongruously, countryside conservation. The common thread throughout has been a knack for communication, particularly communicating complex technical ideas to a more general audience


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