Hormia Kristiina

President, LIBER foundation

Twitter: @HormiaKristiina   Linkedin: Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen   


Kristiina Hornia Poutanen is the president of LIBER foundation since 2014 and she worked as the vice president during 2010-2014. She is a member of the steering committee on scholarly communication and research infrastructures under Liber. She is a member of Europeana board and Europeana executive committee. Hormia-Poutanen is a member of the Open Science Finland strategy group, the National Digital Library steering group and the ICT Management Steering Group for the field of activity of the Ministry of Education and Culture (OpIT), which the Ministry of Education and Culture nominates. She is also member of the Public Interface consortium group and the National Ontology ( steering group nominated by the board of National Library. She has been the chair of the availability section of the Finnish National Digital Library project during 2008-2011 nominated by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

She was member of University libraries’ structural development project during 2008-2009, the project group was nominated by the Ministry of Education and Culture. She is member of several steering groups related to the development of library services in Finland. She has been a member of the management board of National Library since 2000. Hormia-Poutanen is active in various other national and international initiatives.

To mention some of the international activities IFLA, ICOLC, eIFL can be mentioned. Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen participates actively in international co-operation especially with questions related to digital library infrastructures, cross-domain cooperation, consortia development issues, licensing and licensing models, open access and open data questions as well as development of easy access methods to electronic resources. Hormia-Poutanen gives presentations at international events mostly by invitation.