Interview with Iratxe Puebla #RECODEconf2015

Iratxe Puebla, Deputy Editor, PLOS ONE, on the role of publishers in open access to research data, and the PLOS policy details. The interview took place during the RECODE conference 2015 “Open Access to Research Data as a Driver for Open Science”, organized within EKT/NHRF’s 4th International Open Access Conference@EKT, on the 15 and 16 January 2015 in Athens. The conference focused on the following themes: policies for open access to research data; good practices in enabling the re-use of data; open research data and research cultures; government data; grand challenges and future developments for open access to research data.

Ομιλητές: Puebla Iratxe

Γλώσσα:  Αγγλικά

Διάρκεια: 03:42

Εκδήλωση:  Open Access to Research Data as a Driver for Open Science

Διοργανωτής: National Documentation Center (EKT), Recode

Χώρος: Athens, National History Research Foundation (NHRF), "Leonidas Zervas" Hall

Κατηγορία: Επιστήμη Τεχνολογία Πολιτισμός, Εκπαίδευση

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