Noorda Sijbolt

President, Academic Cooperation Association (ACA)/European University Association (EUA)

Twitter: @SijboltNoorda   Linkedin: Sijbolt Noorda   


Dr Sijbolt Noorda is president emeritus of the University of Amsterdam, past president of the Association of Dutch Research Universities and a former board member of the European University Association. He has served or serves on various executive and non-executive boards in the domains of Higher Education & Research, Public Radio & Television, Performing Arts & Moving Image, Health Service, High Performance Computing, Not-for-profit Publishing and Social Services.

At present he chairs the Academic Cooperation Association (Brussels), is a member of the Open Access Working Group and an expert in the IEP (Institutional Evaluation Program) of EUA and is an advisor to various Austrian, Dutch, German, Rumenian and Turkish universities. His academic field is cultural history of religions in Europe. He holds degrees from Free University Amsterdam, Utrecht University and Union Seminary/Columbia University, NYC.


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