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  • Olson Filippa Arvas

    Managing Director, Skåne European Office

Filippa Arvas Olsson is the Managing Director for Skåne European Office since the start of the office early 2011. The office is the representative office of the regional authority of Skåne, the southernmost part of Sweden.
Region Skåne has the full responsibility for healthcare in Skåne as well as for public transport and culture. It is also responsible for coordination of the work to promote innovation and growth in Skåne.
Filippa has the overall responsibility for the strategic planning and running of the Skåne European office. She follows a broad range of policy areas, in particular policy development within research and innovation.
Before coming to Brussels Filippa worked as Deputy Director at the Ministry of Culture in Sweden mainly with audiovisual policy, following several EU-related topics.

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