Rodriguez Rafael

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas


Prof. Rafael Rodriguez Clemente: Born in Cantoria (SPAIN) the 04-03-1948. Dr. in Geology from the University of Barcelona (Spain), 1974. Professor of Research of the CSIC since 1994. Head of the Crystal Growth Laboratory at the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona, CSIC, 1986-1997. Former Delegate of CSIC in the Spanish Office for Science and Technology in Brussels, 1997-2003. Past Institutional Representative of CSIC in the Autonomous Region of Andalusia (Spain) 2003-2007, currently inscribed at the IDAEA-CSIC in Barcelona. Its scientific activity has been mainly focused in precipitation, single crystal growth, thin films, inorganic materials, biomaterials and others.

In the last 16 years, its main activity has been focused in the European research policy and the international scientific cooperation of the European Union with the Mediterranean Partners Countries. Member of the Program Committee of the FP7 Program “Regions of Knowledge and Research Potential” representing Spain, and Advisor of the European Commission on the Regional Strategies on Smart Specialization of DG Regio. Principal researcher or Partner in 35 Research Projects and Contracts. Author or co-author of more than 170 scientific articles (9 books) and 2 patents. Director of 11 PhD Theses. Former Coordinator of the FP7 INCO.Net Project MIRA (Mediterranean Innovation and Research Action) and Co-Coordinator of the Twinning Project Morocco-France+Spain (2011-2013) on “Support to the National Research System of Morocco to facilitate its integration in the European research Area”, and currently partner of the FP7 INCO.Net Med-Spring Project (follow-up of MIRA), and the FP7 ERA.Net MED Project.