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Rebecca Rosen is a principal researcher specializing in the development of the evidence-based science policy portfolio at AIR. Prior to joining the AIR team, Rebecca was a member of the STAR METRICS and SciENCV Federal Interagency working groups under the auspices of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Rosen began her career in science policy as an American Association for the Advancement of Science Science and Technology Policy Fellow. Working at the National Science Foundation, she leveraged STAR METRICS data and managed the development of a custom portfolio dashboard tool for the Engineering directorate that was subsequently used to respond to external stakeholder needs. She also worked in the Director’s Office of Science Policy at the National Institutes of Health.

Prior to that, Rosen completed a postdoctoral fellowship after earning a doctoral degree in neuroscience from Emory University. At Emory, she analyzed the anomalous structure of proteins in Alzheimer’s disease using a novel, analytical comparative evolutionary approach. Rosen holds a bachelors of science from Yale University.

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