Spichtinger Daniel

Policy & Project Officer for Open Access (Publications/Data), European Commission

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Daniel Spichtinger. Daniel obtained a joint “Magister” (Mag.phil) degree from the University of Vienna (Austria) in English, Communication Science and History (2000), writing his thesis about the global spread of English. He also obtained a Master of Arts in Contemporary European Studies from the University of Bath (UK, 2002), where he first encountered European research policy and tackled the issue of involving civil society in FP6.

After several internships in European umbrella NGOs and a stint as online editor for two Austrian newspapers he has been working on EU funded projects since 2005, in the areas of eHealth, ICT, SME support and the knowledge based bio-economy, in particular the MoniQA Network of Excellence (FP6). Within these projects he has developed policy related actions and communication activities with the aim of ensuring the concrete applicability of scientific results in the policy sphere and enabling the interaction with all stakeholders, including the citizens. He has also been involved in the preparation of a significant number of EU grant proposals, where he has contributed his expertise of clear and concise writing and in developing the potential impact of projects beyond their scientific results.

Since 2012 Daniel Spichtinger is employed by the European Commission as a project and policy officer for open access to scientific peer-reviewed publications and research data. In this capacity he contributes to the development of open access policy in Horizon 2020, and the European Research Area (ERA), including for instance the design and implementation of the Open Access to Research Data Pilot in Horizon 2020. In this capacity he is interacting with all relevant external stakeholders, providing presentations and trainings as well as managing projects in this area (including contributing).