Wilkinson Max

Head, Research Data Service, UCL



Dr Max Wilkinson is Head of Research Data Service at UCL. Prior to this post he was the Programme Manager for the British Library’s Dataset Programme and has worked with the National Cancer Research Institute’s Informatics Initiative, where he delivered a comprehensive training review of informatics in the UK. Max received his PhD from University College London in 2004 for his thesis on molecular diabetic nephropathy.

For the previous twenty years he has worked across many disciplines of biological research; from cyanogenic bacteria through viruses, immunity and transplantation. His work throughout his career has been concerned with application of technology in understanding the chemistry of biology. Research Data Services at UCL was established to support modern research, which more and more relies on our ability to collect and manipulate large volumes of data. Max is tasked with building this new suite of services for the benefit of all researchers at UCL including their partners and collaborators.